Rain & summer.

Man oh man, I love the rain! It’s so calming and relaxing. I don’t like driving in it or anything, but I love to stay at home and watch movies or play video games with my love. Kyo doesn’t really like the rain. He shakes and whines when it thunders. My poor boy. 😦

Since it’s almost summer time, I have an itch to be outside and take Kyo to the dog park. He loves to sniff around the dog park and be awkward. I don’t know why but that’s just what he does. Lol. But if there’s a German Shepherd then he’s all over that dog. Which is funny because we want a German Shepherd for our next dog for when we get a house. It would be way too much to have two dogs and a cat in this apartment. So we’ve decided to wait until we can get a house.

Last year my girlfriend and I went to Busch Gardens all the time and I can’t wait to do that again. I love amusement parks and water parks. It’s so fun to spend some quality time with her. We like the same rides and stuff so that’s a good thing, so no one will have to wait for the other to get done with a ride, that will get boring. We get some exercise and some tans so it’s all good and fun. XD

Well that concludes my rant. I’m going to read while my girlfriend plays Stardew Valley Lol.



My life & loves.

My name is Stephanie. I'm new to this blog thing so I'll just take things slow. XP
I live with my wonderful girlfriend, which her name is also Stephanie. And no it's not really confusing at all. We're used to it. Plus we call each other baby and all those lovey dovey names anyways. We have a dog named Kyo and a cat named Maka. They are the best animals. They're so smart. But I think mainly because my girlfriend trained them, so they act like nice proper animals. That's my family and they mean the world to me. I would do anything in my power to make my babygirl happy and to keep my furbabies happy too. I'm almost finished with school so I can get a good looking job and make loads of money (hopefully). Then we can live comfortably without worrying about making enough money for bills and whatnot. I'm so excited because I will be able to quit my job cutting hair. Well, I will still want to do it on some weekends because I'll miss doing it and I don't want to let my clients down. But not having to be there all the time will be so nice. I don't like most of the people I work with. It's just a terrible idea to have a job with all women. It never suits well. Plus it kills my body having to be on my feet all the time. So I'll be glad to not have to do that as much anymore. I guess I'll stop there because I got stuffs to do. 
                                         Happy Thursday! -Stephypoo

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